Charlie and Eddie put everything together for us. Charlie personally delivered the boat to our home. We feel like we are part of the SeaHunter family already. Deeply appreciate Charlie's time, help and beyond first class service. Thank you again, Charlie!
Captain Ann and Jay
Fishing is my lifelong passion. Being born and raised in Miami I began fishing in the canals and lakes of Miami as a kid in 1967. My first boat was a ten foot Sears jon boat with a 6hp Johnson. By 1994, after twenty sevens years of marriage and two kids, I graduated to an eighteen-foot top of the line backcountry skiff. That skiff did the job but was lacking at times in performance, quality, and greater multifunctional capabilities.

About six months ago, I saw an advertisement for seahunter boats in a local fishing publication. The hull design caught my interest. So, on a whim I ran by the factory on a Saturday morning. Well, after two or three hours of detailed questions by me, and those same detailed answers by Captain Greg Lynch, I knew I found something that would deliver all my needs. Over the next few weeks, I did a bit more research, stopped by the factory a few more times, watched several boats under construction, and decided all I needed was a wet test.

The boat performed to my expectations and on top of that, the crew at seahunter was a joy to work with. Joey was great with the rigging; Jodi and Ralph were always very pleasant and helpful, and Greg was very patient and very open to new ideas, and very detailed with my technical questions. I have owned the seahunter 18 now for more than four months and it is a joy to take out. The boat handles and rides so much better then my previous boat. In many ways, it is superior. The customer service at seahunter is just as superior as the boat they made for me. I glad to be a member of the seahunter team and to say that I can call Greg, Joey, Jodi, Ralph, Tony and Charlie friends.

Michael Cugno, Jr.Princeton, Florida
In the year after Captain Tony Traad bought his new Sea Hunter 18, I fished with him in excess of forty days. On those trips, we fished in calm, shallow water for tailing bonefish; we fished for permit with huge runouts clashing with twenty-knot wind; we sight-fished tarpon; we dredged them in channels and creeks; and we stalked them laid up on glass-calm flats.

Tony's Sea Hunter, as a fishing platform, did all that we asked. However, that is not what really got me thinking seriously about purchasing a Sea Hunter. Where, in my mind, this boat left its competitors behind was when we rounded the East Cape on afternoons with a twenty-knot northeast wind pushing a two-foot chop in our faces. Sea Hunter got up on top of the chop and rode them like a dream, and we never got wet once in that year. When other captains and sports were forced by the weather to stay in port, Tony and I were out fishing. I had been considering buying a flats skiff for the last year, but since I live in the San Francisco Bay area, I was reluctant to buy a boat just to use a few months a year in the Keys. Once I saw what he-man seas the Sea Hunter could tame, I knew that it could double for my West-Coast application of fishing the San Francisco Bay and San Joaquin/Sacramento River Deltas for striped bass. I am sure I'll be the only flats skiff out there, but there are guides using them in New England for stripers. Who knows, I may start a fad? But whether or not I will ever be poling the flats of San Francisco Bay sight-fishing stripers, I do know that my new Sea Hunter will be able to handle any conditions my home water may dish out.

Robert LasichSeaHunter Owner
I have fished with CaptTraad for 8 years. The seahunter 18 has a smooth dry ride. We fished 7 tarpon tournaments in the last 4 years and fished the last two in the seahunter. You can't pick your weather when fishing tournaments and the runs to where the fish are can be really long. It was a pleasure to ride in and fish from the seahunter last year.

Linda Robinson
2002 Grand Champion, WWIFC Tarpon Series
2001 Grand Champion, Golden Fly Tarpon Tournament
2000 Miami Met Tarpon Master

Linda RobinsonCaptTraad
Last year I was in the market for a new boat, one that would take me anywhere out to sea and back with a smooth and fast ride. I was looking for strength and reliability in the design and construction and a product that would stand out from the rest. I thought I had found my boat and was in the process of reviewing my sales contract with a major competing company when I heard about this new boat and company called seahunter. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to see it before I went through with the deal.

I headed down to the seahunter factory and met with Ralph Montalvo, seahunter's owner and he introduced me to his boats and more importantly his seahunter family. After seeing the Tournament 35' for the first time there was only one thing left to do for me and that was to see it in action. I was treated to a test run on a 35' that had been purchased a year before. I was blown away; by far the best ride and feel of any of the competing boats that I had been on in my long and tedious search. The boat sold itself in its performance on the water, and I said, ``That's my boat.`` I pulled back the contract I had on the table with the other company and immediately signed with seahunter.

Upon receiving my completed boat I was not disappointed in the least bit, all my expectations were met and fully exceeded and the boat has preformed amazingly. All requests and services to the boat have been met with no hassle and I have been treated to work with them on a first name bases. Not only does seahunter make the best boats, it's the people who stand behind them are truly the best. Thanks Ralph and company for making such a great product!

Ron Marrocco

Captain of the Lady Blue

seahunter owner since 2005

Ron MarroccoCaptain of the Lady Blue
I would like to thank you for all your efforts regarding the purchase of ``Pitiann`` the 2004, seahunter 35' I purchased last week. You will be pleased to know Charlie Carricarte is doing an excellent job representing your brand in the after sales market. But, I am sure you already know this to be a fact. You can recommend him, with confidence, to anyone considering listing a seahunter for resale.

Your team did a superb job detailing and reconditioning my 35. As you know I am a yacht broker in Ft. Lauderdale and have sold many lines of new sail and power yachts in the last 15 years. I'm ashamed to admit I have never experienced such great service from any yacht manufactures I have represented. I appreciated your quick response to my questions. Your after sales support is top notch.

The tour of your factory was very imhistoryive. But, what was really convincing was my maiden voyage from south Miami to Ft. Lauderdale. I ran offshore with 20kts of wind from the north east at 30 mph staying very dry while enjoying a smooth ride. Wow, what a ride offshore! We fished the Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo last weekend. As you may have heard the fish didn't cooperate although, my 35 did and ran great making daily runs north of Boca.

I look forward to visiting your new facility when it is completed.

Staley Weidman IIIPitiann
My seahunter 18 has been just great to fish from this past year and I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed it. Barnegat Bay's 1 to 2-foot short chop is no match for the seahunter! Winter fishing was good in for us in Stuart and Jupiter, and then spring and early summer back home in New Jersey with striped bass and bluefish on light tackle and fly was exceptionally good. I have really appreciated the seahunter's deck layout, running performance and fishability. It's a terrific boat! I have to fight my wife to get the helm - she likes running it as much as I do. If you need a New Jersey recommendation, I'd be happy to tell a prospective buyer about how the seahunter handles ``up north.``

Question for you, I understand you rigged another seahunter 18 with an Evinrude E-Tec 90, same as mine. I'm curious about the prop you eventually selected. I'm running an Evinrude Viper, 3-blade, 13.88 X 15`` stainless steel wheel, topping out at 33 knots at 5400 rpm, full fuel, just me on board, engine tilted up slightly and no tab. How does this compare with the new boat? Do you recommend a 4-blade wheel - if so, what specs.

Thanks for your help - please say ``Hi`` to Mickey Brelsford.

Catch 'em up!

Pete Barrett

Freelance Writer: Marlin, Game & Fish, FlyFishing in Saltwaters, Eastern Fly Fishing
Editor At Large: The Fisherman
Author: Trolling for Striped Bass & Bluefish, Fishing for Tuna & Marlin, Fishing for
Sharks, Saltwater Fishing Guide
IGFA Representative: New Jersey

Pete BarrettSeaHunter Owner
I just wanted to write you a letter to exhistory my sincere satisfaction with the great job you guys did building me my new 40' seahunter Open Fisherman. As you know we started off the year with a 9th and 2nd place tournament finish just weeks after delivery of the boat. So not only is the boat great, it catches sailfish as well! Please tell Charlie, Ashley, and the rest of the guys in the factory I am really appreciative of all the great work and attention they gave me during the building process. They are a great bunch of guys. Thanks again and keep up the great work. Don't ever hesitate to have a potential customer contact me directly, I'd be happy to sell them on how much I love my new boat.


Max Tower

Max TowerSeaHunter Owner
I wanted to thank all of you at seahunter Boats for the beautiful seahunter 35' you built for my son and me. There is not another center console on the market which combines the speed, offshore ride, build quality, efficiency, range and value of the seahunter 35'. I could not be more pleased with any product or purchase. For the price (or less) of a production boat you get a hand built boat of the finest materials, as custom as you want it. The complete experience working with Charlie and Ralph from the boat specifications to delivery and maintenance has been fantastic.

Last June my son and I spent three weeks in the Bahamas on the seahunter, traveling from Naples to Bimini in one easy day. Day two was lunch in the Exumas and we continued on by adventuring thru the Exumas, Long Island, Conception Island, Rum Cay and Andros. All but one week was spent anchoring out, sleeping on the deck. We have traveled for years in the Bahamas on an old Hatteras, but the freedom you have on a big, fast center console is a far better experience. You can fish one area, swim or dive in another, run to a great spot for dinner and run back to your favorite anchorage to sleep. The evenings are cool and bugs are no problem. We had a backpacking tent in case of rain, a collapsible sunshade for the cockpit, two beanbag chairs, an Engel 12 volt freezer for bait, campstove and a good cooler. It is the only way to travel. Get yourself a 35' or 40' seahunter and we will hope to see you this summer in Rum Cay looking for big fish. I welcome any inquiries about seahunters, or light, fast travel in the Islands. Ciao.

John and Kyle O'Connell
Naples, Florida

John and Kyle O'ConnellNaples, Florida
I am the proud owner of a 2008 seahunter 35 powered by triple 300 Evinrude E-tecs, I have been fishing tournaments in the ska for 8 years during that time I have owned all the big name boats and I could not be happier with my last boat purchase! as a matter of fact I secured my spot in production before I even had a test drive. when I saw the layout and performance specs I knew that i had to have one, I wanted to set my team apart from the competition, and I believe that it has given the edge we were looking for (14TH place in national championships 2008). this boat is very well built, fast, and the layout is a perfect for tournament fishing, it also has a great ride and is comfortable for the family fishing days as well. the sale and the service after the sale are second to none. I have never been treated better, so if you're looking for a boat of this caliber, do yourself a favor and talk to the guys at seahunter. you won't find a better boat or better buying experience.

Sincerely, Doug Miller
Captain - Miller Tyme Fishing Team

Doug MillerCaptain - Miller Tyme Fishing Team
SeaHunter Boats has fast made a name for itself and with very good reason. With the variety of manfacturers out there, shopping for a new boat can be an overwhelming experience. Take a look at seahunter Boats by stopping by their factory and speaking to the guys behind the boats; or better yet, talk to a seahunter owner. You will not find a more loyal group of boat owners.

As a guide in the Florida Keys I am always looking for a boat that will give me an edge when out on the water. Quality, reliability, efficiency, fishability, and performance are all the standards that a prospective boat buyer looks for. These are just a few of the things I find very important. Along with the usual, I want a manufacturer that stands behind their products and is willing to go the extra mile towards customer satisfaction.

The guys at seahunter put up with me practically living at their factory through the boat buying/building process. I was amazed that were still answering my calls towards the end. The funny thing is that they did it with a smile and I now consider them close friends. This holds true with other seahunter owners I have spoken to. My wife even put up with me starting the purchase process on our honeymoon. I have not chosen a name for the boat yet, but feel that I probably should name it after her. After all she now wants to be on the boat every weekend.

I had always felt that buying a boat was like buying a car. I had also felt that it was to be done with minor compromises. I like the exterior color but wanted different upholstery or wanted the upgraded towing package but not the wheel upgrade. Analogies aside this is how I felt that you bought a boat. My experience with seahunter has changed my perspective on what it is like to buy a boat.

When it comes to setting up a boat for charter I had always taken an ``off the shelf`` model and put thousands of dollars and weeks into setting it up. With seahunter, I was able to speck my boat out to the point that all I needed was tackle and it was ready to go. They put everything I wanted on the boat and nothing that I did not. As for getting the most for your money I can say with certainty, buy a seahunter, my next boat will be one, as will the one after that.

Thank you Charley, Johnny, Ralph, and everyone at seahunter Boats. You guys truly are, what a friend of mine refers to as, ``Good People``!

Capt. Andrew Tipler

Capt. Andrew TiplerSeaHunter Owner